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Please note that the tour is only available in French
With this gift voucher, valid for one year from the date of purchase, you can take part in our "Paris côté obscur" (The hidden heart of Paris) themed guided tour.

This 90 minute guided tour will take you on an extraordinary journey to discover the darkest secrets of the city of Paris.

The first arrondissement of Paris, the nerve centre of the city and the setting for this tour, was also the scene of a series of particularly dark events over the course of its history. These secrets, unknown to most of the tourists who visit the historic centre of Paris today, will be revealed to you by your tour guide and are sure to leave you in a shiver!

You'll discover the history of the famous Conciergerie through a new (and terrifying) perspective, visit the Rue de la Ferronnerie where a celebrated French king was murdered, and learn about a key site for black magic in Paris.
Your guide will share some of the most mysterious anecdotes, ranging from legends to historical facts. After this tour, you'll never see this district the same way again!

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Please note that the tour is only available in French