Paris Street Art at La Butte-aux-Cailles Guided tour

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It's not only in Montmartre that artists are reaching higher. Welcome to La Buttes-aux-Cailles, a historic district which has become the preferred location for counter-cultures. Peaking 63 metres above the tumult of the city, the Butte aux Cailles district looks like a country village. Once covered with fields, woods and windmills, it has gradually developed around the Bièvre thanks to craft and industrial activities.

Its rural atmosphere has now made it not only a paradise for walkers, but also for street artists who display their ephemeral works on its walls. Who are they? And why exactly did they choose the Buttes aux Cailles? Invader, Jace, Jef Aerosol, Seth... Your guide will teach you to recognise them and read their stories on the city walls. During these encounters, he will reveal the keys to understanding an urban art movement that is in constant evolution, and intimately linked to the history of this decidedly atypical district in the heart of Paris.

Useful information

- Meeting point : Metro line 6 - Station Corvisart - 51 Boulevard Auguste Blanqui (Exit 2)
- Comfortable shoes are recommended.
- In case of bad weather, Cultival may postpone the visit.
Scholar level(s) : Collège, Lycée

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