Backstage tour of the Seine Musicale Guided tour

Seine Musicale - Duration 1h30

Discover your Guided tour

Dive into the heart of one of Europe’s most modern venues. Uncover the secrets behind this gargantuan building project and find out how it is used on a daily basis.

You will be deeply moved by famous architects Shigeru Ban’s and Jean de Gastines’s design, which started out as a concept: a liner floating down the Seine. Your guide will help you to find your bearings within the building and introduce the wonderful architecture, explaining how it was integrated within the exceptional setting of L’Île Seguin.

Roam the Grande Rue corridors leading down to the Grande Seine, an impressive concert hall which offers endless layout options. You’ll have the opportunity to see the interpretation booths, recording studios, press room and dressing rooms and to get a real glimpse into the world of the greatest artists. Then, prepare to be captivated by the sheer scale of the Auditorium and its wooden interior.

In this amazing setting, you will get told about La Seine Musicale’s rich cultural programme and get a sense of what thousands experience watching Bob Dylan, West Side Story or Holiday on Ice.

Discover all of the secrets behind this wonderful artistic and cultural facility, which was commissioned by the Hauts de Seine department and is set to become a leading light in France's cultural valley.

Useful information

Health and safety measures related to COVID-19 :
Wearing a mask (not provided) is recommended but not compulsory
- Since March 14th, 2022, the Vaccine Pass is not required to access the Seine Musicale anymore

Booking and visit conditions :
- The bookings may be canceled 5 days before the visit due to events taking place at this site.
- As La Seine Musicale is a concert venue, there may be technical or performance related reasons for access to some areas to be limited on the day.
- In accordance with image rights, it is strictly forbidden to take pictures of venue staff, artists and/or sets if a production is taking place.
Scholar level(s) : Collège, Lycée, Moyen, Primaire/Elémentaire
  • PMR Access
  • Coffea or/and restaurant inside

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Seine Musicale
Ile Seguin, Boulogne-Billancourt 92100


Métro : Pont de Sèvres, sortie numéro 1 (L9)
Tramway : Brimborion ou Musée de Sèvres (L2)
Bus : Lignes 160, 169, 171, 179, 279, 291, 389, 426, 467 - Station Pont de Sèvres